Available courses

The Essentials of Leadership module is made up of four units. These will give you the basic information about the organisation that you will need to know to work in your local Company. This online module needs to be completed by all new leaders and will be followed by attendance at a one day Induction Training. Upon completion of the four units you will be asked to complete an online quiz that will be used to reinforce your learning at this level. The four units are:

  1. An Introduction to Girls' Brigade Scotland.
  2. How Girls' Brigade Scotland works.
  3. The History of Girls' Brigade Scotland.
  4. Policies and procedures of Girls' Brigade Scotland.

Welcome to the Bronze level of your leadership journey.  By now you will know more about GBS as an organisation. Now it's time to look at you and your abilities.  To be an effective leader you first have to have an understanding of yourself and this module will help you do this.  There is a mix of activities, resources and tasks to help you form a better understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses. Remember, while this is about you it is important that you don't feel you have to do this alone as your company leaders, tutors and fellow trainees in the on-line forum are there to support you.

The GBS Personal Development module covers five units:

  1. Self Awareness.
  2. Practical Abilities.
  3. Developing Interpersonal Skills.
  4. Developing Facilitation Skills.
  5. Beliefs and Faith

As you come to this stage, you may already feel like an experienced leader and will have gained a wealth of experience in your local company. This may well be the case but there is always more to learn.  In this module you will take the knowledge you have gained about yourself and GBS and begin to put it into action.  There is also an opportunity at this level to explore further your faith journey and how it impacts on your leadership.

The GBS Leadership Skills & Practice course has three units:

  1. An Introduction to Practical Leadership
  2. Leadership in Practice
  3. Faith in a Leadership Role

Your journey is now in the final stages of becoming a commissioned officer within GBS.  You have shown dedication and commitment to get to this stage and have proven yourself in practical terms.  Now it's time to look at GBS in the wider youth work context, how you engage with young people and help them maximise their GB experience.  

The GBS Leadership Journey Gold Level focuses on Working With Children & Young People. The course has three units:

  1. Understanding and exploring working with young people
  2. Engaging with young people
  3. Delivering learning programmes with young people
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The aim of the Queen's Award is:
"To encourage girls and young women to a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, while respecting other faiths; inspiring them to greater endeavour in service within the general community and to make a contribution to the worldwide concept of The Girls' Brigade."

This aim is the same wherever in the world girls are undertaking the award and is one of things that bind all award holders together. It is an aim that is hard to fulfil, which is why working towards achieving a Queen’s Award is not an easy task and takes time and dedication. However, it is also an aim that brings personal fulfilment, develops skills and encourages individuals to reach high to achieve personal goals and ambitions.


Think you might like to give it a go? Here are some of the things you need to know.

  1. The award is open to all Girls’ Brigade members between the ages of 16 and 25

  2. Candidates need to have achieved their Brigader Brooch within a year of registering 

  3. All registrations require to be accompanied by a Captain’s recommendation 

  4. It takes a minimum of 2 years to complete the award

  5. An active Company service and Church commitment is required for the length of the award

  6. Throughout the award you will work closely with your own mentor

There are 7 modules that make up the award, each with different requirements in terms of time and skills. Some of these will be things you are already involved in doing so don’t be put off by what can seem to be a long list of tasks.